Urgent Product License Applications and Renewals

Thai Ministry of Commerce has identified many categories of goods that are subjected to import controls, which required a permission or a license. If you found yourself in a situation when Thai Customs will not release your product because of missing or expired license, we are here to help!

Most common importer’s mistakes:

  • Being unaware of required license and documents
  • Assuming customs brokers will take care of the license and process
  • Being unaware of changing regulations or Thai Ministry of Commerce’s controlled list
  • Failure to renew expired license

What to do if your shipment has arrived at the port and you don’t have a license for it?

First of all, let’s be honest, we cannot expedite application process, if you look at the sample TIS application processes here, there is a minimum time requirement for licensing officer or committee to process, approve and issue of the license. The process involves various stages and piles of documentation.

The key is to provide all necessary documentation in correct and timely manner. That’s where we can help. We know this business and have years of experience dealing with different Licensing Organizations in Thailand. We guaranty proper submission of all application form, reports of quality control system assessment and will expedite your product testing. This way, you will not lose any more time if your application will be returned for additional information etc.

Let us deal with the complicated process and your missing import licenses, contact us immediately!


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